No Bees No Food

Using strategy and research to design collaterals for Marla’s Ted Talk that will be taking place at Georgia State University, it consists of components of before, during, and after the event. Through research, I came up with a concept that would attract students to come, be engaged, and to promote action.


Branding, Wayfinding, Signage


This project promotes the TED Talk “Why Bees are Disappearing by Marla Spivak”, a researcher and biologist who specialize in insects, pollinators, especially bees. She talks about the importance of bees, how it plays a big role in our everyday lives.


BEFORE THE EVENT // To spread the word, the event information will be printed under salad bowls in the cafeteria. As they are taking bites of their food, they will be reminded of the importance of bees in their diet.



Marla Spivak talks about how when bees are out pollinating our foods, they often can’t find their way home because of the parasites and diseases. I translated this information into an interactive & informative wayfinding system. The audience will experience the struggles of a bee and learn through infographics on hexagons.


Lastly, to promote action, they will leave the event with a seed packet with infographics of why planting flowers are beneficial for the pollinators.

If bees get good nutrition, we get good nutrition!